• Burger Boxes, Clamshell Food Containers – Hinged Lid, Disposable,Paper Mini Clamshell Take Out Boxes, For Mini Appetizers Or Desserts, Serve Sliders Or Small Sandwiches

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    • KEEP FOODS PROTECTED: These durable paper boxes feature convenient tab closures designed to keep foods safe, secure, and intact.
    • NATURE-FRIENDLY AND RECYCLABLE: Constructed from 100% premium recyclable paper, these miniature boxes offer an earth-friendly storage solution for individually packaged snacks and treats.
    • MAXIMIZE PORTABILITY: Make it easy to store, transport, and serve mini pizzas, burgers, tarts, cookies, and more!
    • AVAILABLE IN BULK: Offered in bulk 100 count boxes with affordable wholesale pricing to make sure you stay stocked and within budget.
    • PERFECT FOR WEDDINGS, SPECIAL EVENTS, AND CATERED PARTIES: Bring an unforgettable twist to appetizers, desserts, and party favors with these unique boxes.
  • Kraft Single Burger Box

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    Kraft single burger boxes are made of premium quality, environmentally-friendly materials. They will keep your food hot, fresh, and delicious. This container serves pizzas, burgers, or other snack items.

    Single burger boxes made of Kraft were designed with holes to let steam out, keeping your food crunchy and fresh during delivery and delivery. It is also possible to keep hot food at the correct temperature by adding insulation

  • Sushi Paper Box

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    • Use high-quality kraft paper tray + food-grade plastic cover, waterproof and oil-proof, environmental protection and safety, can directly contact food, beautiful and clear.
    • Simple and clear design: high transparency, strong light transmission, and the delicious burrito inside is clearly visible.
    • Suitable for cake rolls, cupcakes, cheese, pastries, desserts, bread, biscuits, hot dog meat, sandwiches, sushi, vegetable and fruit salads and other small foods.