Take Out Food Containers

Item No. :GPBB-012

Material: Food grade kraft paper

Size :Top size : 140X110MM , bottom :120X95MM, height :50mm


Packing :200pcs/C

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  • PERFECT BOX – This Kraft paper take away container is easy to open from the top, so that you can pack your food very quickly. Even your customers can also carry it in their hands easily. Quality kraft paper construction and leak proof design. Whether at home or for your food business, the bio box offers perfect takeout convenience every time.Visual PET window, high transparency, good recognition.
  • BIODEGRADABLE – Made from natural kraft paper stock, not only to the quality of products but is also committed to products which are in harmony with a healthy environment. 100% biodegradable and free of petroleum-based plastic. The inner coating is food safe.
  • PREFERRED MATERIAL – 100% leak-proof with 18PE waterproof and oil proof coating, won’t get soggy from wet or oily foods like sauces and gravies, witch were specially designed to hold greasy foods without having liquids seeping through. These kraft carryout paper boxes are also heat resistant which makes it ideal for hot and cold food.
  • PERFECT FOR CATERING – For your running food servicing business, catering business, fast food van these containers are perfect. Party packs box is best for both cold and hot dishes, such as pasta and rice dishes, salads, fast food or currywurst. The sturdy and lightweight paper food containers are stackable.

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